Tips on How to Communicate More Effectively

With all the advances in technology, the one area that sometimes suffers as a result of technology is communications. Below are some tips that might reduce misunderstandings in your workplace.

SUGGESTION: Take one tip at a time and commit to practicing it consciously for a week, then add another one. The depth of communication and understanding with others will deepen as a result of fine-tuning your communication skills.

  1. Listen more!! Be willing to understand first before being heard and understood. STOP THINKING (i.e., evaluating, judging, preparing your response) when someone is talking and JUST LISTEN.
  2. Hear beneath the words being said. Look for what the speaker’s intention is in the message, beyond the words. Notice also the speaker’s state of mind, i.e., where is he/she coming from.
  3. Do not take what someone else says to you personally. The person comes from his/her own frame of reference. Try to walk a mile in their shoes before judging them or responding from a hurt or defensive place.
  4. Paraphrase back to the speaker what you heard them say. Communication is a 2-way street. It takes two people to make and complete an effective communication. Insure you have listened well and been heard well by paraphrasing back.