“If you don’t have the time to do it RIGHT,
when will you ever have the time to DO IT OVER?”

In today’s world, everyone is busy. Technology is advancing daily, competition is increasing, new world’s are opening up for exploration – so much to do, so little time!! Maybe you DO projects anyway, although a bit chaotically, but things DO get done (somehow!). So why then should you focus on Project Management as a vehicle to “accomplish more with less” and in turn, bring some sanity to the workplace? We can address this answer from three perspectives:

We at Dynamic Solutions are not experts in the theory of Project Management – we are experts in:

  1. The Practical Application of Project Management tools and methodologies in the development of project plans – we are the “prelude to software”.
  2. Facilitating real live project planning sessions with an entire team.
    Got a hot deadline? No time to plan? Put the team in a room for 2-3 days and out they will come with a Project Implementation Plan ready to present to stakeholders for approval!!
  3. Training all levels of an organization in te planning, scheduling and controlling of projects – and in managing stakeholder’s and the team’s dynamics.
  4. Coaching Individual Project Managers regarding their specific project and team issues
  5. Consulting Senior Management on how to “projectize” their organization – taking Project Management to a more formal and visible level within the organization.

It’s been stated that 1 week of planning saves 3-7 weeks in execution time!! Do the math!! Can your organization, department, project team afford NOT to plan??

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Susan Junda, President of Dynamic Solutions, leads a strategic planning seminar