Has your group or team ever experienced any of the following?

  • Lack of creativity and new ideas
  • Misunderstandings due to miscommunication
  • Low morale and/or motivation
  • Personality conflicts
  • Hidden agendas that affect progress
  • Team members doing their jobs and going home
  • No one watching the “big picture”
  • Difficulty coming to agreement
  • OR refusal to go into disagreement!!

If you have, some team development work might be just what you need!

Team development addresses HOW the work is accomplished. It helps people learn how to create a vision/project that all members support as they:

Gain clarity around what role each person plays Confront issues honestly and openly Value each members’ unique talents and abilities Think positively and creatively in a chaotic environment

When a team operates in this manner, “Dynamic Solutions” emerge that most likely would have never done so otherwise! The synergistic effect is amazing!

With a Spirited Team, All Things Are Possible

Teams, and the people that make them up, are potentially the most powerful human resource available in any company. The way in which teams operate can ultimately be what helps to differentiate your company from your competition. When a group of individuals is given the opportunity to effectively merge its ideas, energies and ambitions toward a common vision or goal, anything — from the most difficult, to the improbable, to the seemingly impossible — can be achieved. We at Dynamic Solutions specialize in creating energized teams whose members come together to accomplish a common purpose – and have FUN doing it!!

Although this might sound like a wonderful idea, reaching this lofty goal in today’s corporate environment is no small task. As employees are faced with downsizings, budget cuts, tighter schedules, heavier workloads, greater cultural diversity, and rapidly changing technologies, they find it increasingly difficult to meet responsibilities, let alone become animated and inspired to deliver extraordinary service.

Team Spirit: A Proven Way To Create New Spirit In The Workplace

Team Spirit is a team development process that infuses both new and existing teams with exactly this sense of meaning and purpose. No longer merely functional — or dysfunctional — these “spirited” teams operate with much more energy, enthusiasm, optimism, persistence, pride and joy. They produce more. They display greater ingenuity. They can even provide a level of service to customers that brings them back to your company again and again.

The Secret To Achieving These Qualities?

In a workshop format, Team Spirit presents a simple, intuitive model of how teams actually function and thrive. It includes stimulating exercises and a practical diagnostic tool that teams can use to keep themselves primed for peak performance. Most importantly, Team Spirit provides a safe, nurturing environment in which relationships can be strengthened, deepened and enjoyed, and powerful creative intentions unified. The program can also be customized to meet your individual needs.

The Team Spirit Spiral: A model for facilitating spirited, high performing teams

Extraordinary teams develop through five interrelated phases, ending up at a sixth integrating phase, Service. Here is a quick overview of this process.

© Plexus Corporation/Barry Heermann. Reprinted with Permission.

Phase one, Initiating. Teams enhance their capacity to develop reinforcing and trusting relationships.

Phase two, Visioning. Teams are empowered to create their future.

Phase three, Claiming. The team clarifies its goals and roles and takes responsibility to achieve those goals.

Phase four, Celebrating. Teams fully acknowledge and celebrate their work together.

Phase five, Letting Go. The team learns to communicate with authenticity and forthrightness, especially when confronted with disappointments, frustrations, or conflicts.

The sixth integrating phase, Service. The team is ready to fully contribute to colleagues and customers.

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