Dynamic Solutions provides exceptional business consulting and training services to organizations and companies that truly desire to integrate their goals and their people to create business successes over and over again.

Susan Junda

Is your organization experiencing any of the following?

  • Great strategic plans that never seem to get implemented
  • Projects that rarely come in on time and/or constantly exceed budget
  • Scope creep or constantly changing requirements
  • Clients whose needs are never completely met
  • Missed or forgotten tasks that show up at the last minute
  • Team members torn between their “real jobs” and the project they support
  • Project managers that cannot create or sustain a team’s motivation
  • Unresolved conflicts between team members
  • Meetings that never seem to accomplish what was on the agenda

Our passion is to help businesses create an environment where productivity goals are achieved by inspired and creative teams.

As astute leaders and managers know, work is not just about getting a job done. The process by which it is accomplished is equally as important! At Dynamic Solutions, our focus is three-fold:

  1. Creating a vision/goal for where the organization or team is heading;
  2. Getting the work done (via projects) on time with exceptional results;
  3. Improving how the team works together

We specialize in Project Management, which extends into Strategic Planning and Team Development.

Working together, we facilitate strategic planning sessions and deliver training in Project Management tools while we teach teams how to focus on the way work is best done within the team environment.

We achieve this through the following methods:

  • Design and delivery of customized workshops
  • Facilitated meetings and planning sessions
  • Business consulting and coaching
  • Public speaking

What sets us apart?

  • Our ability to facilitate a person’s or a group’s process to assist them in creating a future plan which allows “coordinated action” to be taken.
  • Our 20+ year history in major corporations.  We have “been in the trenches” and understand what goes on within organizations and among the people in them.
  • Our ability to work on both the “task” side of the business/project AND the “people side.” Some groups have great dynamics, yet cannot focus to organize and accomplish a task. Other groups are task-focused and organized, yet the group dynamics might leave much to be desired. With Dynamic Solutions, you get assistance with both!

Contact Us today. Together, let us explore the possibilities in your business environment!!

Susan Junda, President of Dynamic Solutions, leads a strategic planning seminar