Live Business Situation Examples

  1. I experienced a struggle between management and the project teams in an organization recently. Management complained that project leaders would just come to meetings and complain that project due dates were unrealistic, with very little information to back up these claims. Management’s response to this was to say “just go do it!” This was very demoralizing for the “troops”. I taught the project teams how to create, document and present project status and alternatives to management in a way that management could focus on making wise business decisions regarding the course of action to take, instead of just dictating that the deadlines must be met. Management was much more willing to listen to the truth and reality when presented in a clear concise way that focus on solutions rather than blame and finger-pointing. Decisions are now reached more quickly and the company’s time, resources and money are being used much more efficiently.
  2. A client who runs a small company of 12 employees called me in to work with them on creating a new process in how the work gets done. There had been no change in employees in over 6 years, yet one employee was definitely creating tension among the workforce due to her attitude. As a result of our planning a new strategy, this employee did not agree with the where the company was headed and terminated her employment voluntarily (after 17 year with the company!!). The point is, if a business, team or department stays focused and true to what they want to create, those “not on the bandwagon” will fall off anyway!!!